This is product for its excessive delicate against sensitive skind.

The luxy valved mask ( FFP2 ) provides lightweight, effective, comfortable and hygienic respiratory protection against most penetrating solid and liquid aerosol particles.

Traditional moulded shape with nose clip and twin strap design. Comfortable, lightweight and off-the-face design. Durable, collapse-resistant inner shell.

Product Specification
* Contour design for maximum wearer comfort.
* Collapse resistant double shell construction helps mask retain its shape.
* Embossed fully sealed edge to prevent fibre release,
* Suitable for use against both solid and liquid aerosols.
* Suitable for protection from low to average toxicity contaminents.
* 12 x Ocupacional Exposure Limit.
* 10 x Assigned Protection Factor.
* CE certified to the new EN149:2001 standard.
* Standard: FFP2 ( EUROPE ) – N95 ( USA )
* Filter efficiency: 95%
* Exposure limit fine particles up to 4xTLV
* Filter: Polypropylene Fabric
* Elastics: non latex
* Valve: plastic
* Valve Membrane: Synthetic Rubber
* Nose Piece: Aluminium
* Nose Pad: Polyethylene (PE) Foam